This page of lists out 3 top Android App resources with a quick description of what each site contains content-wise.

App Brain >

Building your app is one thing, ensuring its success in the marketplace (or in the case of Android apps, the ‘Play Store’) is another. App Brain guides you through how to promote and monetize your app as well as tips and tricks on how to make it rank higher on different networks and app search engines.

Android Apps >

A great resource for those wanting to build their own Android apps. While some coding skill is required, this site contains tutorials for those just getting into app-making, as well as some more complex online classes explaining how to perform some of the more complex functions.

App Zoom >

App Zoom is a dedicated app review portal, with their team of Android experts regularly testing new apps, games and updates to existing apps. ‘Discover what app to install next’ is their slogan, which perfectly sums up this user-friendly website.